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Somniance is a sleep wellness company dedicated to helping people to achieve better sleep quality to improve personal and occupational performance.

At Somniance we are passionate about the power of healthy sleep and the benefits healthy sleep can bring to every person.

Dr Olga Runcie, Consultant Psychiatrist and founder of Somniance, was inspired by the potential of healthy sleep to provide multiple well-being benefits whilst studying for a Master of Science degree in Sleep Medicine at Oxford University. 

Dr Olga Runcie



When dealing with Sleep difficulties, there is no one advice that suits everyone. Therapy and recommendations must be individually adapted to achieve best sleep optimization.



Multiple studies demonstrate that healthy sleep has a positive impact on physical and psychological wellbeing. By taking care of your sleep you helping yourself to achieve your optimum health and to prevent many chronic diseases. Healthy sleep is critical to our longevity.  



All help is best delivered by a trained professional who can provide comprehensive assessment, recommendations and holistic therapeutic input. Most sleep complaints can be divided into three groups: sleep too little, sleeping too much and sleeping unusually. But in reality, over 60 different sleep disorders are listed in the International Classification of Sleep Disorders 3rd Edition. We use a scientific evidence-based approach to improve sleep in your company.

Good quality sleep is a key to better health,
greater energy and productivity.

An average Fortune 500 company could save nearly $40 million a year if half of its workforce engaged in a sleep-health program.3

Costs of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep and sleep loss results in absenteeism, diminished productivity, increased health care costs, accidents, and other occupational costs associated with exhausted employees.

The UK loses 200,000 working days a year due to insufficient sleep, costing £40bn in productivity, or 1.86% of GDP. 1 

An employee with untreated insomnia accounts for at least $2,000 in excess health care costs per year. 2 

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